We value real estate for a variety of clients in Germany and abroad. Private clients, banks, institutional investors, corporates, public institutions, churches, and courts rely on our expertise as real estate appraisers.

In the interests of our clients and for reasons of privacy protection we do not disclose information on completed projects. Please contact us to obtain further information, which we will provide to you after having obtained permission from our reference clients.

Institutional investors

We provide open-ended and closed-ended funds, insurance companies, and portfolio and asset managers with reliable fair value appraisals and portfolio valuations. Based on a large internal database, an international network and international external research databases (which include investment and rental transactions) we provide a reliable basis for investment decisions.


We deliver fair value and mortgage lending value appraisals and also perform plausibility assessments of third party appraisals for banks and other financial institutions. We value large real estate portfolios by conforming to the banks’ valuation processes.


We support industrial companies with fair value appraisals of various types of real estate assets, such as factories, warehouses, and logistics properties. We value commercial real estate assets according to IFRS and the German HGB.

Professional consultants

Professional consultants with a variety of focus areas use our services. For example, we prepare appraisals for real estate property (investments) in insolvencies, M&A, or audits. We support:

  • Auditors
  • Lawyers
  • Insolvency administrators
  • Real estate agents

Private clients

Private real estate owners might get into situations in which they need a valuation and appraisal for their real estate. In such situations it is important to obtain a valuation of qualified professionals. We help you in various situations:

  • Sale and purchase of real estate
  • Financing
  • Divorce and division of property
  • Guardianship
  • Rights and encumbrances
  • Rental matters
  • Plausibility assessments of third party appraisals

Public institutions and church organisations

We support municipalities, public institutions, and church organisations with the valuation of their real estate. Examples of such real estate assets are schools, nursing homes, and churches.


We provide neutral, robust appraisals for courts. After all necessary documents are collected our appraisals are always completed by the due date. Such court appraisals are prepared for different purposes, such as foreclosures, insolvencies, family disputes, or guardianship.

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